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Reid Sod Farm is family-owned and operated since 1979. Before we became Reid Sod Farm we were a potato farm. We are now on our 5th generation of farmers. We farm over 1200 acres throughout Monmouth and Mercer counties.


Reid Sod Farm is a grower of quality sod for homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, and garden centers throughout New Jersey and Staten Island areas. We will make every effort to supply you with the superior sod and service which has distinguished us as one of the best sod growers in the area.


Reid Sod Farm provides forklift delivery as well as a pick-up service at our office or a nearby site where the sod is being cut. Pricing and availability are available by calling our office at 732-431-4466 or by sending us an email at


Reid Sod Farm drivers are to use their best judgment, based on experience to decide where they will unload the sod.

Installing sod by yourself requires a lot of physical labor. If you’re willing to perform the work, there is no reason you can’t lay the sod yourself. Here are a few of the steps needed to complete an installation:

The minimum amount of sod we will deliver for a homeowner is 500 square feet (depending how far you are located) and 1500 square feet for landscapers, garden centers, and golf courses. Deliveries require a 9-foot wide opening for the forklift to fit through. Once the sod is delivered, it is recommended to be installed immediately as the sod is highly perishable. Dimensions of a piece of sod are 2 feet by 5 feet totaling 10 square feet.


There is no charge or deposit on our pallets. Homeowners may either dispose of the pallets or return them to our home farm. Landscapers and garden centers should return the pallets to our home farm at their convenience.

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Do-it-yourself sod installation

  • Begin by leveling and smoothing the ground.

  • Once we deliver the sod, install it immediately. Remember, sod is highly perishable and it requires a good amount of water to survive.

  • Start at a straight level edge of your lawn — perhaps the edge of your driveway or walkway. Stagger the sod rolls in a “brickwork” pattern. As an alternative, you may use string to replicate a straight edge.

  • Once each sod roll is unrolled, pull them together very tightly, leaving no gaps.

  • Keep the first row ahead of the second and the second roll ahead of the third roll, and so on.

  • Trim uneven edges and around shapes by using a serrated knife.

  • Water immediately, preferably within 15 minutes of installation. Make sure you thoroughly soak the sod, avoiding high traffic for several weeks.

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